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Why kinglin?

Some ten years ago when I was teaching computer classes at a little school in New Jersey I often started my semesters with a simple fact:

"Knowing the thing can do it is 90% of the battle. The rest is easy. No one builds computers to try and fool you. If you know it can be done then you can figure out the rest. Chances are that you aren't the first to make an attempt at what you want."

Aside from building web applications that don't require too much background information to use, we align ourselves with good companies to host our sites and implementation of tools into our sites that are well tested. No newfangled widgets serves us well.

In addition, this isn't a big corporation, it is a simple business built around the idea that not every organization has thousands of dollars to pay someone.

Admittedly, our sites my not be the most glamorous, but they aren't eye sores either. We don't generally get involved in flash (although if it is called for, we can) because after waiting for the intro to play once, it isn't quite as impressive the next time.

Instead we concentrate our efforts so we can create solid, smart, functional sites that are clean and represent your business or club the way you would expect.