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Most if not all of the features listed on this page are standard on your site. There may be more or less depending upon your needs.

Your Site - Your Way
Database Driven Site Static sites are typically outdated. Why, because to update them you need to contact the webmaster who built it to get updates. Database driven sites are dynamic and display updates immediately. Some pages are static (like the contact us page) and some are a combination. All of it works seamlessly to your end users.
Update Pages Yourself Our built in editor allows you to control what your site content looks like.

Real time updates nearly as easy as typing in Word. In fact, if you like, you can work in MS Word and paste the updates into the site using a special 'paste from Word' button built right into the editor.
Add Your Own Pages

In addition to the regular menu, many of our sites have the ability to have an additional menu with a list of pages that are user created.

If you need a special page, easily create a new page on your site and the link will automatically add to the dynamic menu. You can even sort the page names.

Build on to your site yourself with your own page and put any message that you want on that page.

Photos, Document Links, Media With a little practice you can incorporate special items into your pages. Upload items to your site right in the editor and display them right on your page.
Form Validation Preventing the wrong information from being entered not only makes thing run smoother, it helps when you tell the user what to do if they get it wrong.
Submission - So your site can be found on the internet

What good is it if no one can find you? We will submit your site to major search engines and set up your pages to be scanned automatically. Will you be first? Probably not, because to some extent it is a pay to play game, but we will use proven practices and do our best to get you noticed.

Here is an example of one of the sites we have online right now:

Hunterdon Ballooning is located in Flemington NJ and they offer hot air balloon rides. We approached bringing visitors to their site in many ways and they get the hits!

First we created keywords and an accurate description. We placed the correct text (Hidden from view) on the home page. We created an area resources page that showcases local business and they in turn reciprocate with links to this site. The site was submitted to 'The 100 best ballooning sites on the web' and that attracts visitors.

At the time of this posting, they are averaging 4,800 unique visitors per month. That translates into customers for this business and it could for you!

Web Hosting
Feature Overview
Hosting Included We use to host your site. kinglin will set it up and maintain your site through a control panel that you don't have to worry about. You can concentrate on your site and not worry about the administration part!
Domain Name Included Domain names like cost an annual fee to keep. As long as your hosting continues the domain name that you select is included in the cost of hosting.
Site Statistics At your request, we can set up an email report of your web hit statistics. You can have weekly, monthly or quarterly reports.
Email Set up of 50* email addresses to your domain included
Mailbox or Mail Forward

You have a choice:
- Set up a mailbox for your email address
- Have your email address forwarded to your existing email
(for example if you have an existing email with another company or web service [Like Yahoo! or Gmail])
- Set up a mailbox AND forward to your other email at the same time

Webmail Based Email Possible Use software or any web browser to log into your email address from any internet able computer
Email Programs Allowed We will provide you with information on how to check your email address in popular computer software like Outlook or Eudora
Spam & Virus Protection Your email can have all or nothing. Let us know if you want the web server to scan your mail or you prefer to let your own program do it.
Log In Easily from Your Computer Free software provided from the hosting company will allow you to log in with the click of a button and check one or multiple accounts.

*additional email accounts are available. should you need to create more than 50 accounts, let us know and we can discuss options.

Security Minded Features
Site Login Keep secure areas of your site from prying eyes. Restrict access certain areas using levels of security. Some leave updates to everyone, we will help you decide on the best security options to make you site run smoothly for everyone.
Special Hidden Page Links We have found that the easiest way to update a page is to put a link right on the page itself. To prevent unauthorized use or confusion we hide the links from those who aren't logged in. They never know it's there, but you have it right in front of you without searching. It is the best of both worlds!
Scripted Pages Using dynamic pages hides many of the scripting for your site. This process make your site more secure. Scripting is generated when the page is built preventing interference from hackers.
Password Protected Database Our database link is hidden by a special password that prevents unauthorized entry. It is automatically provided invisibly each time a request is made.
Lost Password Recovery Your users will be able to request their lost passwords. Passwords will be emailed to the users registered account. No need for you to look things up, they can do it any time of the day or night on their own.
Backup and Restore Your site administrators can make an exact copy of the database at any given time. The backup can be restored in the unlikely event something goes awry.