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$400.00 to build and implement your site.
$1 a day for hosting your site.

$25.00 an hour for customized features with a quote for total before start of work.

We want this to be simple. Our sites include everything you want to get started with communicating with your viewers. Secure areas that let you update your site, menus that are permanent and menus that let you add pages to your site as needed.

for more information see Getting Started & Features

League or Club Sites Special Services:

Typically these include registration pages, scoring, seeding for tournaments. Tell us what your needs are and we will quote you a price on what it takes. We have done many of these types of things and your group will benifit from our experience.

Business Site Special Services:

We do business things! kinglin has done work for some pretty big names and we can build your business by offering online processes that will save you work. If you need to communicate orders with customers, make appointments, build a newsletter to offer your seasonal price changes and update on new products, we do that! Do you need your staff to report in from different loactions and then export their input into MS Excel so you will be able to work with it locally? We can do that. More than likely if you need it, we do that!

From the very beginning of the process kinglin will be up front. You will be comfortable with you choice and we will exceed your expections.